With the expertise of its partners and associated lawyers the office act notably in the strategic branches of Administrative Law, Civil Law, Financial Criminal Law and Tax Law.


By focusing on these particular areas, the office enhances its capacity and efficiency, which improves its results, especially considering that those branches complement one another.


The Brazilian Financial Criminal Law differs itself from the classic Criminal Law. That’s because with the globalization and the advance of technologies, the economic relations change on a daily basis. Acknowledging the fact that the regulation of these activities are in constant change, the office keeps its clients and its database always up-to-date.


In such a manner the Administrative Law became a tool used by the Regulations Agencies for a rapid actualization for the standards of the Financial Criminal Law and Tax Law, becoming indispensable for Lawyers with great knowledge in those specific areas and the Administrative branch.


Acknowledging these facts, Jorge Lawyers and Associated counts on extremely qualified professionals, on these areas, to offer its clients the most exclusive legal service on said fields.

Excellency, integrity, transparency and celerity are Jorge Lawyers and Affiliated biggest commitment with their clients.