Jan 28 2021


The strategy and wide knowledge are the differentials of Jorge Advogados Associados law firm.

With the constant increase of behaviors that are interpreted by the tax agencies as criminals, the number of criminal actions for investigating financial crimes has grown exponentially in several areas of the economy.

Along with such increase, there is the specialization of those responsible for the accusation of entrepreneurs, who are often at a disadvantage in criminal proceedings due to the lack of technical defense.

Because of this factor, the Jorge Advogados Associados law firm operates on two fronts: the first, the preventive, in order to inhibit the practice of conduct that can be interpreted as criminal; and the second, in criminal litigation, aiming to outline highly technical and assertive strategies that maximize the clients’ chances of success.


  • Internal Investigations;
  • Defense in Police Investigation;
  • Defense in Criminal Actions;
  • Execution of Plea-Bargaining Agreement;
  • Execution of the Conduct Adjustment Agreement;
  • Requests to Institute the Police Investigation;
  • Criminal Complaint Offering;
  • Defense in Investigations.


Count on JORGE ADVOGADOS as your company’s strategic partner.