Jan 28 2021


Sabemos que empreender no Brasil é, ao mesmo tempo, uma arte e um ato de bravura. Conte com nossos especialistas para garantir o crescimento eficiente e bem estruturado de sua empresa.

We don’t care about your size or the company’s experience level. Our team is prepared to become a relevant partner, because we know that entrepreneurship in Brazil is both an art and an act of courage. Count on our experts to ensure efficient growth or consolidation to your company.

With the fast development of the global market and the appearance of several bright Startups on a daily basis, business and corporate conflicts also began to appear due to the fast growth with the lack of strategic legal planning of these companies.

Considering this reality and in order to assist not only those companies that are already consolidated, but also those that need initial impetus, Jorge Advogados Associados law firm established the so-called Development Area, in which it provides any and all assistance to Startups, under softer conditions, in any stage of idea or company development, until its consolidation in the market.

To the entrepreneurs who still have only an idea, we provide all assistance to improve the initial idea, develop a business plan and competitive viability of the project, so that the company can structure its business model correctly, always aiming at the legal security of the creators, partners and investors.

Our performance ranges from the least complex acts such as advising and setting up the company in the structuring phase, to the most complex ones, such as fundraising, contract analysis, drafting of quota and shareholder agreements, obtaining licenses, registering trademarks, etc.


  • Agreement’s Preparation and Analysis;
  • Companies and Corporate Structure Opening;
  • Strategic Planning;
  • Fundraising;
  • Civil and Commercial Litigation;
  • Intellectual Property Protection;
  • Technical Mentoring;
  • Tax Treatment;
  • Regulatory Advisory.


Count as JORGE ADVOGADOS as a strategic partner of your company.